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orchid Packing Process

Packing House

Fresh orchids are delivered everyday from our farms and from our partners directly to the Packing House. Here, our specialized staffs will carefully select and pack orchids with great care together with quality assurance monitoring system. To maintain good quality of orchids, we do have a temperature controlled storage room for storing orchids waiting to be shipped to our customers worldwide.

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Fumigation Chamber

As compulsory by law, importing fresh cut orchids must be treated for insect-free or fumigated with Methyl Bromide at 24 gm/m3 for 2 hrs. Our Fumigation Chamber has been approved by the Department of Agriculture and complied with International Standard. This efficient fumigation chamber allows our orchids to meet customs’ requirements of importing countries and avoid customers’ unpleasant delays.

Cooling Trucks

Cooling trucks with temperature controlled help our orchids stay in fresh conditions throughout all processes – transporting from farms to our packing house and from our packing house to the airport.

We make sure our orchids stay fresh until they reach Customers’ hands”

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