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N&K Orchid believes it is an essential for orchid growers to gain knowledge of new discovered orchid insects and diseases. Thus, we regularly consult with orchid experts from Department of Agriculture to share new information and research together with particular treatments and solutions. Not only the matter of insects that we pay attention to but we also concentrate on producing new orchid bleedings to satisfy our customers’ needs.

At our farms, we started with growing baby plants from nursery to adultery stage providing adequate nutrition, sunlight, water and of course….lots of “LOVE”.
We raise and care them as one of our family members. You will not only receive fine orchids but will absolutely receive “LOVE” from us…….

Welcome to our orchid farms……

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I:  Ratchaburi Farm
Location  :  Photaram District,
                   Ratchaburi Province
Total Area :  64,000 sq. m.                         
Orchid Plants :  375,000 plants
Distance from Bangkok:  90 km.
II: Banglane Farm
Location :  Banglane District,
                  Nakornpathom Province
Total Area: 192,000 sq. m.
Orchid Plants : 1,125,000 plants
Distance from Bangkok : 72 km.
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